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The solution of power shortage of diesel generator set
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Diesel generator set power shortage solutions are as follows:

① check whether the diesel contains too much water or the rain into the diesel and so on. If the diesel quality meets the requirements, should be take the next step for checking.

② Check the fuel system components if there are any leak parts. If there is no leakage of diesel of the site, and then check other aspects of the problem.

③ check the diesel generator set fuel supply advance angle if it is to meet the requirements. If not meet the requirements, should be adjusted according to technical requirements. If the fuel supply advance angle in line meet with technical requirements, should be further checked.

④ Remove the diesel filter and oil pump filter to check, if the filter are cleaner, you should check the atomization of the fuel injector.

⑤ The professional engineers maintain fuel injection pump.
Diesel generator set
⑥ adjust the valve clearance of the diesel generator set according to the technical requirements.

⑦ After the above maintenance,diesel generator power is still insufficient, you should check the diesel generator cylinder pressure. If the cylinder compression pressure is too low, the diesel generating units will not reach the required power. When the cylinder pressure is detected, the engineer can use the cylinder pressure meter to check the cylinder compression pressure of each cylinder separately, as shown in Figure 10-21. If the measured compression pressure of the cylinder has big difference with the specified compression pressure, should deal with diesel generator overhaul, replace the serious wear of the piston ring, cylinder liner, bearing, connecting rod copper sets.

If the diesel engine after the overhaul of compression pressure is too low, generally due to the installation of the piston ring is not correct. The cylinder head and piston link assembly should be removed and the piston ring should be re-installed according to the assembly technical requirements.
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