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Diesel generator set overview
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Diesel generator set overview:

Diesel generator set includes diesel engine, a three or single phase AC synchronous generator, a control cabinet and a variety of auxiliary components. It is a integration products of technological mechanical and electrical intensive. Which can effectively guarantee the electricity with continuous, normal, stable, safe in work .

(1), Fuel economy, The thermal efficiency is high, when some conditions is changed,the rate curve of fuel consumption is relatively flat but also economic.

(2), Be reliable and durable. Because there is no ignition system,therefore the probability of fault is low

(3), Be widely used in various areas

(4), low harmful emissions

(5), The automatic regulating for fire safety Pressure

2 (1), the capacity of diesel generator is mult-grade. In International units the power of diesel generator range from thousands of watts to several kilowatts, the largest domestic units of diesel generator is a thousand of kilowatts

(2),The equipment has the advantages of compact structure with a flexible installation location (34~82L/KW H steam turbine cooling as long as 1/10)

(3), High thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption (thermal efficiency is 30-46%)

(4), Start quickly, Can quickly reach full power in just a few seconds, If there is emergency, the diesel engine will shutdown within 1 minute with maturity full load (normal 5-30MIN) which can be started and stopped frequently.

(5), Simple operation and maintenance, less and easy maintenance during standby

(6), the minimum comprehensive cost of construction and power generation diesel generator.

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