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The Notice for oil cooler of diesel generator
Update:2018-09-16 16:52 Tags:
Huaquan engineers share with us thenotice for oil cooler of diesel generator:

1, if in the winter, after the diesel generator sets shutdown, be sure to remove the cooling water from the oil cooler, otherwise it will damage the oil cooler;

2, The new diesel generator sets from factory, all goods with oil cooling method using water-cooled, the diesel engine should be in the idle state when start, check the work condition of the oil cooler, if good, can make the speed high;

3, Useing of diesel generator sets in the winter, the diesel engine body must be flat, if not even open the oil radiator valve, the water cannot be able to remove completely. If the cooling water remains in the oil cooler,it will spoil the thin tube in the oil cooler.

The test process for the diesel generator, the best all operation in the diesel generator controller and track the monitoring of air pressure, hydraulic and other aspects of data changes, therefore, the quality of diesel generator controller stability, humanization design, etc.has high requirements.

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