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Effect of ambient temperature on diesel generator set
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The influence of environment temperature on the diesel generator set
As the diesel generating
set is through the work of diesel engine, the kinetic energy into electricity, so will produce a certain amount of heat in the process of doing work, so need to fan water tank for cooling generator. So, the environment temperature is a certain impact on the use of the diesel generator set.
Normal, diesel generating sets using the environment temperature of 15 ℃ to 40 ℃. If you are not within the normal range, consider the attachment of diesel generator set is changed. For example, when the environment temperature is lower than 15 ℃, the generator should be equipped with water jacket heater, to ensure that the diesel generator radiator temperature in the range of normal, so you can start properly generator. When the environment temperature is higher than 40 ℃, will consider replacement generator tank, because the normal diesel generating sets tank environment temperature of 15 ℃ to 40 ℃, should change at this time with more than 50 ℃ pure copper water tank, to ensure the normal use of generator set. Don't because this negligence causes the damage of generating set.
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