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Reasons and Treatment of High Voltage、Excessive Fault of Di
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Reasons and Treatment of High Voltage / Excessive Fault of Diesel Generating Set

Diesel generator sets are currently the same as the original generating units of the most similar generating units, diesel generators in the course of the use of sometimes there are two extreme cases, one is the phenomenon of high voltage, another one is the voltage too low, What are the solutions for these two phenomena? For more details pls check the Huaquan Power introduce:

Diesel generator set voltage is too high causes and treatment:

1. Reason: the speed is too high. Treatment: reduce the water turbine wing opening degree, reduce speed.

2. Reason:Shunt reactor core air gap is too large. Treatment:change the price of the generator set Reactor core gasket thickness, adjust the air gap.

3. Reason: magnetic field rheostat short circuit; To find a short point, to eliminate.

4. Reason: generator accident. Treatment: Emergency stop for incident processing.

Diesel generator set voltage is too low causes and approach:

1, the prime mover speed is too low. Treatment: Adjust the original speed to the rated value.

2, the excitation circuit resistance is too large. Remedy: Reduce the resistance of the magnetic field rheostat to increase the excitation current. For semiconductor excitation generators, check whether the additional winding connections are broken or connected.

3, the exciter brush is not in the neutral position, processing: or spring pressure is too small. The brush to the correct position, the generator manufacturers, replace the brush, adjust the spring pressure.

4, some rectifier diodes are breakdown. To deal with, replace the breakdown of the diode.

5, stator winding or excitation winding in a short circuit or ground fault. Remedy: Check the fault and remove it.

6, brush contact surface is too small, lack of pressure, poor contact. Treatment: If the name of the commutator is not caused by light, at low speed, with abrasive polishing commutator name, or mediate spring pressure.

Generators problem is a normal phenomenon, after there is a problem,do not panic, first find out problems of the generator and then according to the maintenance steps to repair the generator set.

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